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XML Validation Tool for Electronic Inspection Report Submission

  • Follow these instructions to save and rename the following files to be used for data submission.
  • Save the following files to your hard drive by right-clicking on the file name and save to a folder
    Validation Tool
    XML Schema
  • E-mail for electronic submission of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspections
  • Enter EI Submission File in the subject line of your email

XML Schema and the XML Schema Validation Tool

The <SchemaValidator.exe> file is an application that can be used to validate or test an XML file before submittal. Note that the file extension is sent as <.ex_> in order to pass through firewall filters. That needs to be changed to <.exe> before running the program. Instructions for use:

  1. Save <SchemaValidator.txt> and <MOInspection‐02‐22‐2011.xsd> to the hard drive and in the same folder. Change the name extension from <.exe> to <.exe>
  2. From Windows "Start" menu select "run". Type "cmd". Select "OK"
  3. At the "command prompt" type
    <cd> <space>< the full path and name of the folder containing the validator tool < SchemaValidator.exe>>
    for example:
    C:\> cd C:\MyDocuments\Boilers\Our_Data_To_Upload
  4. Press Enter, to get
  5. At this command prompt type in this order
    <name of the Schema Validator>
    <name of the sample XML file to validate>
    <name of the Schema XSD file to validate the file against>
    (Note that all of the files need to be in the same folder.)
    for example
    C:\MyDocuments\Boilers\Our_Data_To_Upload>SchemaValidator.exe SampleFile.xml MOInspection‐02‐22‐2011.xsd
  6. Press Enter to get results. The results will be either indicating success, or a detailed description of the failure points.