Youth Firesetter Intervention Coalitions

Juveniles setting fires results in significant losses of life, injury and property damage across the nation. National statistics show an alarmingly high number of arsons are set by youth. Few communities have coordinated the diverse resources to identify, intervene and prevent this dangerous behavior.

In response, Missouri fire service personnel developed this state-endorsed four hour introductory intervention training program which can be delivered regionally. The goal is to provide training to assist communities in establishing local youth fire safety coalitions. Coalition partners may include, but are not limited to, fire service, law enforcement, juvenile officers, school counselors, family services and mental health workers.

The course emphasizes methods of recruiting, structuring and sustaining a multi-discipline coalition to address youth firesetting and its consequences at the local and regional levels.

The course also introduces fire service members and other students to the basics of identifying, interviewing and evaluating youth firesetters; prevention techniques, early intervention and treatment; referral practices; and public education and outreach.

For more information on how to deliver this course locally, contact the division’s Training and Certification Unit at (573) 522-2426.