May 20, 2021

Marshfield Kosan Crisplant fire determined to be accidental

The Missouri Division of Fire Safety has determined the May 13, 2021 fire at the Kosan Crisplant Missouri Inc. propane facility at 740 S. Prairie Lane, Marshfield, Mo. was accidental. The division determined the fire originated outdoors near a loading dock, in an area where small propane cylinders were prepared for reconditioning. The initial fire led to numerous cylinders exploding.

Following the scene investigation and witness interviews, investigators could not eliminate the cause being a spark from a dropped cylinder igniting propane.

The Division of Fire Safety investigation was requested by Marshfield Fire Protection District on May 13, 2021. DFS was assisted in the investigation by Marshfield Fire Protection District and the Missouri Propane Safety Commission. Any state regulatory-related questions can be addressed to the commission.


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