Missouri Fire Service Recognition Program

The Missouri Division of Fire Safety has implemented a program designed to recognize members of the Missouri fire service in the following categories:

  • Senior fire officers and other members hired/promoted to the rank of Fire Chief in the Missouri fire service
  • The family of any current member or retiree death, regardless of rank
  • Members retiring from the Missouri fire service regardless of rank (as determined by individual agency retirement guidelines)

The State Fire Marshal will issue a Salute to Service certificate for presentation to the member or member’s family, as appropriate. For a deceased member or retiree, the death does not need to be line of duty to receive a certificate.

If you have anyone in your organization who meets the above criteria, please use the link below and submit the information to our office so that a recognition certificate may be issued.

This program is available beginning June 2, 2020 and is not retroactive.

Missouri Fire Service Recognition Program