Application for Contracted Training Funds

The Missouri Fire Education and Advisory Commission is now seeking proposals from fire and emergency training providers for Fiscal Year 2019 training funds.

Completed applications and all supporting materials must be submitted by the end of business day May 25, 2018 to the Division of Fire Safety, P.O. Box 844, 205 Jefferson, Suite 1315, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Questions regarding the proposal and bidding process may be directed to: Sherry Hoelscher at 573-526-1007 or Voluntary pre-bid meetings may be scheduled upon request.

Criteria for Proposal Consideration:

  • Proposals must include the attached form for courses to be considered for funding. Detailed course descriptions including course objectives which are directly correlated to the appropriate NFPA standard for each course must also be submitted.
  • Courses must be taught by Missouri Division of Fire Safety certified instructors. Other certifications should also be noted. The attached Instructor form must accompany this application.
  • Courses must be provided to students at no cost.
  • Courses must be completed between July 1st, 2018, and June 1st, 2019.
  • Curriculum must be available at time of proposal submission. Curriculum must be current and correlated to the appropriate NFPA standard within eighteen months of the current standard release date. Courses using older curriculum will not be supported by contracted funds.
  • For funding requests for courses meeting a pre-requisite for Division of Fire Safety certification:
    • Consideration will be given only for Division-approved certification pre-requisite courses.
    • Curriculum must be current and correlated to the appropriated NFPA standard within 18 months of the release date.
    • Course instructors must be certified at the level of the course they are teaching.
    • Courses approved as pre-requisite training for certification must be registered with the Division prior to each delivery.

Training Vendors Receiving Contracts are Responsible For:

  • Arranging course dates and host sites, as well as advertising and marketing each contracted class.
  • Providing appropriate support materials and equipment which meet applicable NFPA specifications.
  • Ensure all students and instructors wear appropriate NFPA compliant PPE while participating in contracted courses and events.
  • Providing course schedules to the Division of Fire Safety monthly and posting schedules to website.
  • Providing certificates of completion to students in a timely manner.
  • Student registration and verification of applicable pre-requisites. A minimum of 12 students for 8 hour classes and 15 students for classes longer than 8 hours is required for contract reimbursement.
  • Submitting detailed billing with course evaluations & student rosters to the Division within 30 days of course completion.
  • Monthly and year-end contract reports, detailing courses planned and completed, course location and dates, and student and course breakdown by county.

Submission Criteria:

  • Training partners must submit 10 copies of the completed proposal application and supporting documentation by close of business on May 25, 2018. No proposal or proposal revisions will be accepted after this date.
  • Training partners with FY18 contracts must also submit a comprehensive contract year-end report to include dates, locations, and total number of students taught utilizing contracted funds. A State map indicating course and student location by county must also be included in the proposal request.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the Fire Education/Advisory Commission on June 19 & 20, 2018 at the Division of Fire Safety office in Jefferson City.
  • A scheduled presentation time will be given to each training partner upon request. Please contact Sherry Hoelscher at by June 1 to schedule your presentation.