It is not uncommon for young children to see fires as exciting and entertaining, rather than destructive and harmful. This dangerous attraction can lead to fire setting and fire play, both of which can cause extensive damage, serious injuries or even death. While many children express curiosity in fire, it is important to recognize when this interest develops into fascination and seek professional help immediately.

The Missouri State Fire Marshal's Office, in cooperation with the National Association of State Fire Marshals, works to assist in establishing youth fire prevention coalitions throughout the state whenever requested. An intervention training program on how to implement and establish area coalitions has been developed by the Missouri Youth Fire Safety Coalition and the Division of Fire Safety. Once fully trained, programs work with juveniles who could potentially become firesetters without intervention. This program is modeled after existing local programs, the most active of which is a program utilized by the St. Louis-based Burns Recovered Support Group.

The State Fire Marshal's Office recognizes and thanks the Missouri Youth Fire Safety Coalition for its dedication and hard work in the development of this program.

For more information or to set up a training program, contact the Division of Fire Safety at (573) 751-2930.