May 2018

Salute to Service Fire Science Instructor Angie Jones

Angie Jones
Fire Science Instructor
Hillyard Technical Center

The Division of Fire Safety salutes the service of Angie Jones, Fire Science Instructor at Hillyard Technical Center in St. Joseph, a career technical school operated by the St. Joseph School District. The program Angie manages meets DFS state requirements for Firefighter I and II, First Responder, and Hazardous Material Awareness and Operations and has trained students as young as high school age and placed them in career fire service positions.

Angie started in the fire service in 1995, while still in high school, as a volunteer for the City of Maryville. Upon graduation in 1996, she was hired as a career firefighter and continued in Maryville for 10 years. After a short stint in private industry, Angie was hired at Hillyard Technical Center. She continues in the position today, and serves as an active volunteer member at Maryville.

She also serves as the Region H Training Coordinator for MUFRTI, working to bring quality training opportunities to emergency response personnel in the region. Angie maintains her EMT license to better serve her students and community.

At Hillyard, Angie has trained 20 students who have gone on to work in the fire service. Three of those career firefighters are the youngest ever hired by St Joseph Fire Department, a testament to her dedication as their instructor. Two more students have continued in EMS and obtained paramedic licenses, and work full-time as paramedics and volunteer firefighters. Many more students are serving their communities as volunteers. Six additional students have joined the military.

Angie is married to Aaron, who serves as a Public Safety Officer for the City of Maryville. They have three children with whom they enjoy riding horses and competing in extreme cowboy racing.

We salute Angie Jones for her enthusiasm, dedication and the quality she brings to the fire service and her community.

Learn more about the Hillyard Technical Center Fire Service program here.

Salute to Service