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Missouri’s elevator safety rules and regulations require that each elevator and related equipment within the scope of the Missouri Elevator Safety Act be registered with the Division of Fire Safety and be inspected annually by a Missouri state licensed inspector. As part of the inspection process, each elevator must to be tested annually according to the A17.1 code by a person qualified to perform such tests and who is employed or under contract by the owner. This test shall be witnessed by the state licensed inspector. The rules are contained in the Missouri Elevator Safety Act, which was enacted in 1994 and placed statutory enforcement responsibility with the Division of Fire Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal.


Registration of applicable equipment must be submitted on forms provided by the division. Failure to register with the division may result in a penalty being assessed as prescribed by law. Registration will include, but is not limited to, the type of unit, contract load and speed, name of manufacturer, location and the purpose for which it is used. To register, visit


Any owner, operator, lessee or its agent is responsible for obtaining an annual safety inspection witnessed by a state licensed elevator inspector. The inspector must be certified by the Elevator Safety Board and possess QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspector) certification or approved equivalency (Click here for a list of DFS licensed elevator inspectors). To become QEI certified, inspectors must pass a written examination administered by an association accredited by a nationally recognized certification entity.

Upon receipt of an approved safety inspection and test data, if applicable, the division will issue a state-operating certificate for the respective equipment. No elevator or related equipment shall operate in Missouri without a state operating certificate. Violation of this section may result in misdemeanor criminal charges.

New Installations & Alterations

The Elevator Safety Act also requires the Missouri Division of Fire Safety to issue an installation or alteration permit upon review and approval of plans for new installations or alterations. Please mail all new installation and alteration plans to the Division of Fire Safety, Elevator Safety Unit, P.O. Box 844, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

There are exceptions to the plan review process for units located in municipalities that contract with St. Louis County and for all units located in Kansas City. However, while the city of Kansas City does not require the inspection of dumbwaiters, state law requires an annual safety inspection of this equipment type be conducted by a state licensed elevator inspector.

Existing Installations

Within a political subdivision or municipality that had adopted an edition of the A17.1, A17.2, A90.1 or A10.4 codes prior to August 1994, the annual inspection and witnessing of applicable tests shall be performed by local officials according to the code adopted when the equipment was installed. In areas with no elevator equipment code in effect prior to August 1994, the Missouri minimum standard set forth in 11 CSR 40-5.065 will be applied to all existing elevators and applicable equipment installed prior to July 1, 1999.

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