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Q. What elevator code is being enforced in Missouri?

A. The Elevator Safety Board adopted ASME A17.1-2016 as well as the established Missouri Minimum State Standards applicable to all elevator equipment installed after August 28, 1994.

Q. Are all elevators and installations inspected to the ASME 2016- A17.1 code?

A. No, all elevators are inspected to the Missouri Minimum Standards and the ASME A17.1 edition in which the unit was installed under. Prior editions include A17.1-1996 and A17.1-2004/2005(a) (s)

Q. What is the cost of an elevator inspection?

A. Competitive pricing drives the cost of an inspection. Costs may vary between different state licensed inspectors, so it is recommended that a customer obtain more than one bid for conducting the inspection. Usually if a re-inspection is required, a cost is associated with the re-inspection.

Q. What guidelines or procedures are required for the inspection?

A. In order to set up an inspection you must schedule a state-licensed inspector along with a licensed elevator mechanic to perform testing as required. A current list of state licensed inspectors may be obtained at or by contacting the Division of Fire Safety at (573) 751-3660

Q. After completion of the inspection who do I contact to get information on how to correct any violations?

A. You may either contact your elevator contractor, mechanic or the inspector that conducted the inspection. The Division of Fire Safety will provide written notification of the violations and notice of 120 days to comply.

Q. If violations cannot be corrected within the 120 day time frame, can additional time be provided?

A. Yes, to request additional time you must submit in writing a request for an extension with details outlining proposed dates of completion.

Q. How often is a state inspection required?

A. A state inspection is required annually.

Q. When is a re-inspection required?

A. A re-inspection is required on all life safety violations. This includes Fire Fighters Operation Emergency Communications and Signaling Devices, Emergency cab lighting failures and any major violations that could cause injury to a rider. The Division of Fire Safety will indicate on the letter outlining violations if a re-inspection is required.

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