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In 2016, Missouri law was revised through the enactment of SCS SB613 to allow the Division of Fire Safety to provide grants to volunteer fire protection associations (VFPAs) to fund workers’ compensation insurance premiums for an association’s volunteer firefighters when funding is available.

Under SCS SB613, VFPAs apply to the Division of Fire Safety and grant funds are disbursed subject to appropriations based on the number of volunteer firefighters serving each association that received workers' compensation benefits from claims filed in the previous calendar year.

When funding is available, the grant schedule is as follows:

  • Associations with 0-5 claims shall be eligible for $2,000;
  • Associations with 6-10 claims shall be eligible for $1,500;
  • Associations with 11-15 claims shall be eligible for $1,000; and
  • Associations with 16-20 claims shall be eligible for $500.

In FY 2020, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) funded a similar grant through the use of money in their budget. Several VFPAs were awarded grant funding from MDC in FY 2020 and FY 2021. In 2021, a one-time appropriation to fund the grant program, as intended by SB613, was approved and added to the budget for the Division of Fire Safety and included in the FY 2022 budget. Funding is now available for applications to be received and approved for those departments that will qualify for this grant.

DFS is now awarding the Workers’ Compensation Grant for Volunteer Fire Protection Associations, and applications will now need to meet the requirements of the statute.

  • Must be a Volunteer Fire Protection Associations, as defined in 320.300 RSMo
  • Must have a Fire Department Identification Number and an approved, current Fire Department Registration, as defined in 320.271 RSMo. Registrations status and FDID verification can be found HERE.
  • Must have a Vendor Identification Number with the Missouri Office of Administration (click HERE for Vendor Input Application)
  • Must provide documentation from your workers’ compensation insurance carrier of the number of individuals receiving workers’ compensation benefits in the previous calendar year
  • Must have most recent paid receipt from your workers’ compensation insurance carrier for workers’ compensation policy premiums
  • If you do not, or did not have workers’ compensation insurance and are applying for this grant to obtain this insurance, a quote from an insurance carrier may be provided in the interim and the paid receipt from that carrier must be provided to the Division of Fire Safety within 45 days of and grant funding that is awarded.
  • Agencies that receive direct funding from tax revenues at NOT eligible for this grant program.

Once all qualifications are met and documentation is collected, VFPAs can apply through the online application by clicking HERE.

Once received by the Division of Fire Safety, all applications will be reviewed prior to approval. VFPAs that meet all requirements will be approved and processed. Any VFPA who does not appear to meet qualifications, or has submitted any information that needs further clarification, will be contacted by the Division of Fire Safety.

If you have questions about workers’ compensation grants, please contact the Division of Fire Safety at (573) 751-1601 and speak with Statewide Fire Mutual Aid Coordinator Eric Hartman.