ARSON Hotline


A $5,000 reward fund is in place for information leading to an arrest.

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Arson can take a devastating toll on people and property in every community. According to the National Fire Protection Association, arson kills more than 300 people nationally each year and injures thousands. More than $1 billion worth of property nationwide is also destroyed by deliberately set fires.

The Division of Fire Safety serves a vital role in the battle against arson in Missouri by working with local authorities to fight this crime. Each year, they respond to more than 1,000 requests to investigate fires and explosions throughout the state. Division fire investigators are stationed throughout the state and respond to requests for assistance from local fire departments and law enforcement agencies for fire and explosion investigations. Solving arson cases not only prevents future crimes from occurring, it reduces fraudulent insurance claims, which can affect the insurance premiums paid by Missouri property owners.

fire investigator digging through rubble

Division investigators are state certified fire investigators and licensed police officers in Missouri and have the authority to arrest individuals in arson investigations and while assisting local authorities. Investigators have thousands of hours of training not only in fire and explosion investigation techniques, but also in crime scene investigation, evidence collection, interviewing, fraud investigation and other aspects of criminal investigation.

Individuals with information concerning an incident of suspected arson can call the Missouri Arson Hotline at 1-800-392-7766. There is a $5,000 reward fund associated with the hotline for information that leads to the arrest of suspects in arson cases. Nominations for rewards from the fund can be submitted by any fire service or law enforcement agencies.