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The following information applies to Certificates of Insurance filed with the Missouri Division of Fire Safety for amusement rides to be operated in Missouri.

  1. Certificates of Insurance must be complete and include policy number, the policy limits, and types of coverage being afforded. Binders are not acceptable. Certificates without policy numbers or that have, “under binder” or “To Be Assigned” where the policy number is to be shown are not acceptable.
  2. The name, address, telephone number and fax number of the “Producer” must be shown on the certificate of insurance.
  3. The policy limits must meet or exceed one million dollars per occurrence against liability for injury as required by Missouri’s Amusement Ride Safety Act, 316.210 RSMo and 11 CSR 40-6.040.
  4. The “Description of Operations” must describe the policy coverage. Any restriction(s) on the coverage must be listed. If the policy covers only a “Schedule of Rides”, that schedule must be attached and include a serial number or unique identification number for each ride covered. The numbers must match the ride identification numbers indicated on the Amusement Ride Operating Permit Application and Amusement Ride Inspection Report.
  5. The effective and expiration dates of the policy must be indicated on the certificate.
  6. The Missouri Division of Fire Safety must be shown as a certificate holder and notified of any change in the coverage.

If you have any questions on these requirements please contact the Division of Fire Safety at (573) 751-2930.