The Division of Fire Safety is responsible for the enforcement of fireworks laws throughout Missouri. Approximately 1,350 permits are issued yearly to manufacturers, wholesalers, jobbers, distributors, and retailers of fireworks. In addition, the division is responsible for conducting inspections of any facility involved with fireworks. Each year, division inspectors and investigators confiscate and destroy numerous illegal fireworks before they can reach the public and cause serious injury, death, and destruction.

Any person or company that is considered a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, jobber, or seasonal retailer of fireworks, or someone who will conduct a special fireworks show, must receive a permit from the Missouri Division of Fire Safety.

Instructions to Complete Fireworks Application

  • Please print in ink or type
  • Complete all questions on application.
  • Only cashier's checks, bank drafts, or money orders payable to the "Division of Fire Safety" will be accepted. (Cash or personal checks will not be accepted).
  • All applicants must submit a Certificate of No Sales or Use Tax Due and a copy of the Missouri Retail Sales Tax license. This may be obtained from your local Missouri Department of Revenue. Note: If you are applying for five separate locations you must submit five sales tax licenses, each with a separate address of business, all will have the same sales tax number.
  • All corporations must submit a current copy of their Certificate of Good Standing to commence business in Missouri. This may be obtained from the Missouri Secretary of State.
  • All manufacturers, distributors, jobbers, and wholesalers shall submit their application and required documentation and fees before Jan. 1.
  • All seasonal retailers shall submit their application, required documentation and fees before May 31.
  • Include a stamped, self-addressed, business envelope.
  • Allow a minimum of 30 days for the permit to be issued. Applications postmarked after the deadline dates may require a longer processing time.