The most common inspection violations are listed below. All fire safety inspection requirements are located under the Fireworks Rules on our website at If you do not have access to the web, please call (573) 751-2930 and we will forward you a copy.

These requirements will be strictly enforced during the 2009 Fireworks Season and any violations found and not corrected may result in suspension of the fireworks permit.

Fire Extinguishers

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.A .1. Every seasonal retail sales location shall have not less than two portable fire extinguishers with a minimum 2A rating, at least one of which shall be pressurized water type.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.A .2. Temporary seasonal retail sales locations less than 200 square feet in area shall be required to have at least one portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 2A rating.

Required Signs

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.G.1. Exit signs shall be required to be self luminous or internally or externally illuminated.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.G.2. Exit signs shall not be required to be illuminated in tents or stands that are not open for business after dusk or in temporary seasonal retail sales stands where the interior is not accessible to the public.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.D.2. One or more signs reading, FIREWORKS NO SMOKING shall be displayed at each entrance of seasonal retail sales locations in letters not less than four-inches in height on a contrasting background.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.C.2. At least one sign that reads as follows, in letters at least four-inches high on a contrasting background, shall be conspicuously posted at each entrance of seasonal retail sales locations: NO FIREWORKS DISCHARGE WITHIN 100 FEET.

Site Requirements

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.B.1. The authority having jurisdiction shall require a certificate or other evidence of acceptance by an organization or laboratory of recognized standing or manufacturer verifying that the tent fabric material has been treated with a flame resistant material.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.B.2. No hay, straw, shavings, or similar combustible materials that have not been treated to make them flame retardant shall be permitted within any seasonal retail sales location. Vegetation or grass within the location should also be treated with an approved flame retardant treatment. Flame retardant treatments are available through some fire extinguisher/equipment dealers.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.B.3. The area located within 30-feet of a retail sales location shall be kept free of accumulated dry grass, dry brush, and combustible debris.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.B.4. Fireworks shall not be displayed or stored behind glass through which direct sunlight will shine on the fireworks except for where the fireworks are in their original package.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.E.1 No motor vehicle shall be parked within 10-feet of a seasonal retail sales location.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.F.1. All means of egress from any temporary seasonal retail sales tent or stand shall remain clear and free of obstructions.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.F.2. A minimum of two remote means of egress shall be located in a seasonal retail sales location.

11 CSR 40-3.010.5.D It is unlawful for any person under the age of 16 to sell fireworks or work in a facility where fireworks are stored, sold, or offered for sale unless under the supervision of an individual at least 18 years of age.

Emergency Lighting

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.G 3. Emergency lighting shall not be required in tents or stands that are not open for business after dusk or for temporary seasonal retail sales stands where the interior is not accessible to the public.

11 CSR 40-3.010.7.G.4. Emergency lighting shall be required in seasonal retail sales locations when the retail sales area is 800 square feet or greater.